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    INWELLS TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD is one of China’s first tier company specializing in the development and manufacture of high quality security systems for automobiles and motorcycles.

    Founded in 1992, our company continuously brings out advanced security products to meet market demands by upholding quality as the groundwork, sticking to sharing as the concept and using technology as the means .It practices total quality control in production and has passed CE and E-MARK certification. In terms of product development capability, technical resources,
    maturity of products and technologies, we lead the world industries of Car and Motorcycle security products.

    DEVELOPMENT CAPABILITY: We are investing a large number of fund in equipment and R & D this year. We have senior engineers, each with over 20 years R & D experience, overseas product development and customization of the customer' s models. Four new items are released every month.

    TECHNICAL RESOURCES:Starting from 1995, we have been cooperating with TI Inc. and Microchip Inc. of the United States in the development of the master rolling code and keeloq code hopping application technologies. The confidentiality technology of its security products is abreast with world level. The technology of the security's anti-jamming is mature.